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May 6, 2023 Election

Vote Vincent "Vinny" Huckaba for Mayor of Mingus, Texas!!

Born and raised in Texas!
I grew up in Mingus, Strawn, and Gordon
  • Moved to San Antonio, Texas to attend Thomas A Edison HS in 1987 to study computers and electronics.
  • Graduated in the top 10% of my class in 1991. 
  • Attained a Certified Electronics Technician certification at 18
Moved back to Strawn in 1991:
  • Chief technician of the Strawn cable company. "Tally Vision"
  • Drove the ambulance for Tri-City EMS.
  • Worked on the fire department and law enforcement radio systems.
  • Unofficial youth leader.
  • Member of the FBC Strawn.
  • Helped start Greyhound Video in Strawn.
  • Baseball commissioner in 1992.
  • Substitute teacher for Strawn ISD.

   After attending UTSA, my professional career started at Raytheon E-Systems where I worked on Tele-Radiology systems sending X-Rays over government and medical networks.  I then went on to start my own company SAWebhosting.com in 1998 building computer systems for city governments and creating websites.  I owned a skateboard shop in Rockport Texas in 1998/99.  Provided IT services for business and schools all over the state, Rockport, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.
   2004: I partnered with a small business in San Antonio to provide satellite communications to state and government agencies where I traveled all over the US to military bases.  I setup a worldwide media observation system for the base commanders office at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio. 
   2007: Worked for the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio building super computing/High Performance Computing clusters for research in the Biochemistry Dept.  I then went to UTSA where I worked on the Enterprise Computing Systems as a Systems Analyst III.  At UTSA, I was heavily involved in research computing, building a massive HPC system "Shamu" and the visualization wall, training new employees and maintaining vital systems for the university.  Worked with the Texas Advanced Computing Center where at the time Lonestar and Stampede were the fastest super computers in the world.  I received TACC certifications for HPC and Vis. 
   2012: I went to work for Rackspace London, working with various fortune 500 companies providing servers and support for a vast array of businesses ranging from Ubisoft, Sony, Kellogs, MOD, Royal Bank of Scotland, and many others. 
   After Rackspace, I became and independent contractor working with CPanel, Securelogix, and major telecoms providing advanced high speed call routing and recording for companies like AT&T, Verizon, Home Depot, State Farm, NYPD, USAF and several others.
   2017: I purchased property in Mingus.
   2020: I retired to work on my farm, get involved with the community, and remodel my house.
   2021: I joined the city council at the first of the year and became Mayor Pro-Tem later that year.
   2022: Became Interim Mayor on November 16, 2022 when Mayor Moffit resigned.

   I have traveled the world for work and pleasure.  I lived in London for a month in a tiny apartment in Chiswick.  Rubbed elbows and shook hands with dozens of celebrities and dignitaries from all over.  I've driven across North America on road trips from Anchorage Alaska to San Antonio (15 days 5,489 miles), San Antonio to Mazatlan Mexico thru Saltillo, Durango, and across the Devil's backbone to the Pacific ocean.  (Stopped in the Sol brewery to have a cold beer.) Drove coast to coast from California to DC.  Kayaked the Apostle Islands on lake Superior.  Hiked thru the jungle in Mexico.  Explored Paris, London, Amsterdam, Spain, Iceland, Belgium, and many others. Submersing myself in the culture and staying off the beaten path to see what life is really like in other places. After all my travels, I ended up back where I started in Mingus 'Merica!
   My experiences in life have brought me to Mingus where I can use my talents to make a difference by getting involved to shape the future into something that can be enjoyed by everyone. 
   I spend my days remodeling my 130 year old house, cycling around the back roads, camping, and raising Palomino Llamas.  I'm heavily involved in the local communities, Strawn, Mingus, and Gordon.  I attend meetings in other cities, talking to city and state leaders to help shape the future of Mingus.  I volunteer at the local food pantry. I donated the old church on the North end of town and property to C.A.R.E so that they can build a new facility here in Mingus.  I've never been indicted or charged with a crime, not even a parking ticket!  I take great pride in having a spotless record.

  • Certified Electronic Technician
  • Texas LTC
  • XISS HPC certified
  • Satcom certifications
  • Crestron
  • SAN certifications from Dell and Sun Microsystems (Oracle)
  • Linux Redhat Certified Engineer
  • Solaris (Oracle) certified for OS and HA
  • Netbackup, Luminus Portal, and many other software systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • I'm fully vetted by the US government for travel and information access
  • Texas Open Meetings Act
Personal life.
  • I was raised a Christian in the Strawn First Baptist church.
  • My political views are middle to right.  I believe in personal freedom and less government.
  • Cycled over 3,000 miles in 2016
  • Cycled from Mingus to Desdemona down the back roads.
  • Hiked the South rim of the Grand Canyon from top to bottom in 13 hours, made a collect call to my granny from the payphone at the bottom.
  • Hiked from Cancun Mexico to Tulum thru the jungle and stayed in a tree house.
  • I've been to every state park in the state of Texas
  • Cycled Big Bend from Ojinaga to Boquillas Mexico along the Rio Grand in August!
  • Explored underwater cave systems in Mexico and kayaked the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.
  • Hiked the Badlands
  • Touched the stones at Stonehenge
  • Visited Windsor Castle
  • Attended the goat races at Oxford
  • Swam in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  • Ice skated the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Swam in the Roman Baths
  • Restored dozens of antique cars and motorcycles
  • WAKA Kickball 2010-2012
  • Climbed the stairs in the tower of Americas twice 110 stories.
The greatest thing about where I live... Freedom! and there's no traffic!  

Vincent "Vinny" Huckaba's Official Campaign site.

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