The way to solve the problems in the US right now is very simple, turn off all the social media and the news.

Uninstall the apps and secure your phone, turn off data sharing and location sharing, or simply turn data off.

Stop fueling the demise of freedom in America. Turn it off!

This will stop the flow of money to the tech overloards and we can regain control of our country and regain free speech and liberty!!

If 70+ million people stop using or supporting the evil corporations, they will crumble and fall. We can then dictate our terms to them.

By local!! Fuck Amazon!! Do it now, before it is too late and they control every aspect of our lives. They will control what you see and what you are allowed to buy. They will control the prices and availablility of goods once they crush all competition. They will dictate what you can buy and what you can't.