The Pi Model B lived a good life, almost 3 years of constant music play, nginx, php, mysql frontend for controlling the house and collecting data, compiling RRD graphs of the HVAC and controlling it.

I finally got around to replacing it as the main system with a micro PC running Debian 7 (The size of 4 Pi’s), with optical digital 5.1 audio out to my stereo, 128G SSD, Gigabit ethernet, 4G of RAM, and quad core processor.  HOLY COW!! The sound is 1000X better. I was aware of the Pi’s shitty sound (fixed in the latest model), but I really had no idea. I had been listening to it for a few years and never noticed till now. For simple music and sound it works fine, but when you have a real stereo system. Intel Audio FTW! It’s like I have a new stereo! Hahaha The poor Pi was overloaded with tasks, and skipped occasionally when compiling rrd graphs for the HVAC. It will now become another relay controller. One downfall is that I went from 3W to 30W, but it’s worth it, music to my ears! 😉  The new system can be tasked with many more things now and not interrupt the music, and plays HD video flawlessly.  I gave up pianobar and went with Pithos for Pandora playback, using X11 forwarding or VNC to access the GUI.  Now to try and figure out how to make an API to control it from the web front end that controls the house.  Also lost my IR control from the Pi, so will be looking for a USB IR emitter to control the A/V equipment with LIRC.