San Antonio is transportationally challenged and corrupt!

As I drove to and from work last week, I saw the VIA bus trapped in the I-10 gridlock traffic each day on the other side of the road. Where are the HOV lanes, where is the incentive to ride the bus or create public transportation? Why is SA so damn backwards? It’s almost like they are against public transportation.. Do Valero, USAA, and and Ancira/Gunn/other car dealers have their claws so entrenched in the fabric (politics) of our community that we will never see anything that benefits people who don’t want to be a slave to the automobile/gas/traffic? Or are we so conditioned to drive and pay that we don’t know any better? I would say that in general the average person pays $200 for their car payment, $150 a month in gas and $100 month for insurance, and $50 a month for maintenance over the life of the vehicle (tires/oil/misc). That’s $500 a month from tens of thousands of people, which as we all know can cause any entity to be extremely corrupt and stop at nothing to prevent its demise. Millions of dollars a month!! If your company made 10 million dollars a month by forcing people to drive, would you allow it to change? (How much money do billion dollar profit gas companies make by people being stuck in traffic each day?)  It’s currently cheaper for me to drive to work than ride the bus!  That is a broken system!  For most people in SA one major downfall is the schedule, availability and most of all cost.  The fact that the bus runs on the same congested streets without a dedicated lane is backwards, so why would anyone use public transportation unless they could not drive.  VIA is made for people who can’t drive, which is the SA mentality.  We need to change the way the system works and the people in control to make public transportation viable and attractive to the masses instead of building 10 lane highways!!!