I had my Lonestar account & email for over ~12 years until our team switched to my.utsa.edu / gmail (2007).

Lonestar was the student computing system at UTSA, a Sun E4500, that I had the privilege and painful shared task of administering at UTSA. The replica ;0) along with the sign live in my garage!  The system was a love hate for students and professors, I always loved it as I had grown up with it, but the younger generation hated it, and we as admins also despised the cludgy archaic system running sendmail, Squirrel mail web front end, and a MySQL database backend for users as there were tens of thousands.  Trying to keep users from storing their MP3s and contraband was a nightmare!  But the web space allowed to each was a wealth of now lost information…

vhuckaba@lonestar.utsa.edu was my first email address, long before there were free email sites on the web (rocketmail was my second). I use to go to UTSA and use the green terminals under the giant stairs (Now a research data center) to check my email using Pine, then dial-up came along and I didn’t have to physically be there!! I use to dial directly into the university modem bank and surf the web via text based lynx with my Lonestar account at a blazing 1200 bps!! I’m sad that runner and lonestar urls aren’t at least a website dedicated to the history. There has to be a tape somewhere with all the web data on it?!! ;0) Now the whole thing would fit on a thumb drive, or a read only VM!?!?

Here are some Color Computer BASIC files from the late 80’s early 90’s uploaded to Lonestar in 1997 before Dropbox. 😉  I found this on the wayback machine.