When I’m not in front of a console, I am riding my bicycle (1,600 miles in 2013, 2,800 in 2014, 2,900 2015), cruising around on my motorcycle through the hill country, or fishing and camping. When I’m home it’s restoring one of my many antique cars, my 100 year old house, welding projects, or working on Raspberry Pi and Arduinos for various IoT projects. I’m EPA 609 certified for automotive A/C, and do a lot of this on the side for my antique car loving friends. Restoring cars and motorcycles is a hobby of mine, and there’s really nothing I haven’t done, from rebuilding engines to bending and welding exhaust to making a custom convertible out of a 1989 Honda Civic.


I’m an IT professional, always learning new technologies, advancing my knowledge, and coming up with new fresh ideas. With a passion for large scale systems and making them highly available and resilient. I’ve been using Linux since 1992, before that was TRS-DOS/MS-DOS/CPM/Machine Language. Currently I am a RedHat 6 certified Engineer (RHCE).

Recently worked as a Linux admin for Rackspace UK serving hundreds of customers leveraging hybrid Rack Connect to physical servers and cloud servers and Vmware VMs. Many of these customers are using LAMP, and other variations like Nginx, Postgres or Oracle for backend DBs. My current focus is on the Rackspace Cloud offerings such as Load Balancers, Block Storage, Backups, CDN, using the API to manipulate the offerings.  Before Rackspace I enjoyed working at The University of Texas at San Antonio as a Systems Analyst III.  My job was to maintain enterprise systems of the university and HPC for various departments.  At the university, I managed everything from the ground up, hardware, software, OS Linux and Solaris, applications, user support. Our team migrated an entire row of Sun servers into a single rack using zones and containers. Also replicating to a DR site using ZFS sends.

Here’s my cube tree at Rackspace:


I enjoy scripting tasks whenever I can because it makes life easier and leaves me more time to learn new things.  Currently working with Jenkins, Git, AWS, to perform QA/CI.

I cycle quite a bit with friends and groups in the downtown area, have cycled to New Braunfels a couple times for Tour de Tube and enjoy camping and fishing at the coast, Canyon Lake, Inks Lake, the Guadalupe River, and State Parks all over the US. I’m an avid Yelper (Elite 13′, 14′, 15′, 16′) and really enjoy going to new places, meeting new people, and trying new things. As a member of the Houston Zombiewalk, a 501c3 non-profit in Houston that gives to various charities. http://houstonzombiewalk.org I manage their servers, content, users and hosting needs, attending events and promoting the charity.

Over the years I’ve worked in Enterprise environments where I’ve had to run everything, from Dell/Sun SANs provisioning LUNS, partitioning switches, mounting LUNS from servers down to the Backups/Tape Library and Fail over systems. I enjoy having access to many systems so that I can see the big picture and help solve complex problems more easily.  I’m very familiar with Netbackup 6.x for unix and tape libraries for disk -> disk -> tape or disk -> tape. I’ve virtualized multiple racks of Sun Sparc severs into a single rack blades using Zones and Containers, also making backups and HA to a remote DC a breeze using ZFS. Sharing storage using all methods, iSCSI, SAN, NFS, CIFS, SAMBA, you name it, I can share it, mount it, and troubleshoot it.

I’m not a programmer, but I love to manipulate and build on existing code, be it bash, perl, php, or python to solve problems. One of my scripting gems is a client based data collection system for Solaris Zones.  I wrote a simple agent that collected data on each VM, then a server side daemon reached out to all the zones and pulled the data over https so that you could oversee the entire infrastructure or drill down to see what an individual zone was doing all from a single web page.

MySQL is one of my favorite databases, and I can get a master/slave setup in no time, dump data, import it, setup a dev environment, even cluster it using MySQL or Redhat Cluster software.

I’ve got a great deal of experience with High Performance Computing (HPC) and visualization using Rocks Clusters, and training from XiSS, and TACC. Using Matlab, Chromium, and custom software installs for users to share, down to libraries for researchers. Visualization is a big interest for me, having helped design a 24 panel visualization wall for UTSA. I’d like to get more involved with visualization. I’ve managed HPC clusters from start to finish, builds, management, upgrades, migrations, on all types of hardware platforms.

Here are some of my skills and specialties:

  • Solaris 8-11 / Unix Admin
  • ZFS / Zones / Containers / DTrace
  • Sun Cluster 3.2
  • Linux Admin – RHEL 6 RHCE – Centos – Debian – BSD – Ubuntu
  • Jenkins
  • GIT
  • MySQl, Apache, PHP, Perl, Python
  • Piwik Web Analytics
  • Netbackup for Unix 6.x
  • Rocks Cluster – Admin – Visualization
  • Dell SAN Administration and Data protection
  • BASH Scripting
  • VMWare
  • Dell, Oracle, Sun, HP, and IBM Server Hardware
  • WordPress / Dokuwiki / Mediawiki /Drupal and other CMS.
  • Social Network Integration Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr
  • Change Management via GIT and SVN
  • Security and Risk Assessment and prevention using SNORT, Enterprise Tripwire, and OS based tools.
  • Rackspace Cloud Servers, Load Balancers, Rack Connect, CDN, Backups, and Cloud Files
  • Raspberry Pi & Arduino projects and hardware integration for control and monitoring.
  • System metrics using Ganglia, MRTG, and RRDTool

High Performance Computing is of great interest to me, having worked with TACC, and UTSA on their compute clusters, I would love to get more involved with HPC.  The Summer Supercomputing Institute at TACC was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken, here are some of the topics we covered:

Parallel Computing using Lonestar, Spur, and Ranger HPC systems
Programming with OpenMP/MPI
Scientific Visualization – VisIt, Chromium, ParaView, EnVision
Parallel Debugging/Optimization
Scaling Performance
Version Control – SVN, GIT
Programming/compiling using GNU Make, Fortran 90
Performance tools – mpiP, Tau, HPCToolkit, IPM

I’ve cycled the Rock-N-Roll marathon each year.  In 2013 filmed with Drunk History on Comedy Central for a 1 second appearance on national TV.  Got to work in the Rackspace office in London for 3 weeks and traveled to London, Brussels, Bath, and Stonehenge. A couple times a year I climb the tower of Americas (in 20 minutes 952 steps, ~750′).  I won 1st place in the Ford Canoe Challenge on the Riverwalk.  Enjoy attending events for charity.  Played Kickball with a great group of people for WAKA.  kickballChristmas13bikestonehengehorsetunlondonBigBenLondonimg_20160426_164236881_top.jpgclear_creek_waterfall


Drunk History with Derek Waters.



I Also enjoy gardening.


Looking forward to tomorrow =0)

Always looking for my next great adventure!